To become affiliated with an academic program of UTSA a partner must complete an Educational Affiliation Agreement which is good for five years before being renewed. This agreement ensures a strong working relationship while safe guarding student data. Additionally a program agreement for service-learning will need to be completed every academic year. The Center for Civic Engagement’s service-learning staff can help you with getting these agreements in place.

Contact to learn more about becoming a partner.

See the links below to understand what UTSA is looking for in a community partner:

    • Internships Opportunities: Internships allow a student the opportunity to gain specific work experiences as it relates to their future career choice. Internships can be connected with academic credit and can last either a semester or a full academic year. Intern can often work a large number of hours each week. Ongoing supervision from the agency is required for interns. To discuss internship opportunities and create a formal intership program with UTSA, please contact the Career Center.
    • Community-Based Work Study Opportunities: The Rowdy Corps program is a community-based work study opportunity similar to internships in that they allow students the specific-work experiences but students must be work-study eligible through their Financial Aid award letter. Students in the Rowdy Corps program work the entire academic year until work-study funds are expended. A joint partnership of supervision between the agency and the Center for Civic Engagement is required for the students. To discuss partnership possibilities through the Rowdy Corps program, please contact Maria Alejandro.
    • Service Learning Opportunities: Service-Learning opportunities allow an agency and UTSA faculty to collaboratively provide students a first-hand experience on social issues affecting their community. Faculty provide classroom instruction on the social issue and the agency provides volunteer opportunities for the students during the semester. This joint partnership may involve long-term planning to create but a dedicated group of volunteers to the agency can be beneficial. To discuss service-learning opportunities, contact Maria Alejandro.
    • Student Organization Volunteers: With over 250 registered student organizations on UTSA’s campus, there an abundant supply of potential volunteers available to help a community-based agency. Some student organizations require their members to participate in a specific number of service hours yearly. Student organizations can help host fundraising events, help with short and long-term projects over the course of a semester or academic year. UTSA’s Volunteer Services can assist in promoting and recruiting volunteers for your event. You are also welcome to promote the event, free of charge on the UTSA Engaged volunteer recruitment website.

Agencies are also welcome to attend upcoming volunteer fairs to help promote their agency and spark interest with the student population. Contact Volunteer Services directly to see when the next volunteer fair will be and how to register for it.

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